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Business Management

Our specialised courses will prepare you for the evolving world of business through a range of modules, all focusing on the core aspects of managing a business successfully. Our goal is to focus on your business career and ensure your success.


A series of marketing courses designed to help you learn new skills, enhance your knowledge or advance your marketing career. Our goal is to focus on your business career and to ensure all gathered knowledge will help you succeed.

Business Accounting

Knowledge in finance and accounting, can translate from starting a new career path to gaining the courage of starting an entrepreneur journey. Our goal is to focus on your business career and to ensure all gathered knowledge will help you succeed.


Interested in computer science and want to play a part in this fast-developing field? Our curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of this discipline; putting you on a fast track of learning a wide array of skills, from basic software design to analysis of complex systems.

Arts & Criminology

This course will enhance your creativity, giving you the chance to try different art and design disciplines in order for you to further build your portfolio.

Or join criminology courses - covering a range of complex issues including psychological/sociological causes of deviance, forensics, environmental crime and restorative justice.

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Mihaela Marina

“The staff at Edu-Connect is very professional and knowledgeable. In my first meeting they gave me clarity on my options to study in UK which was very helpful. They made everything so easy that I was relaxed throughout the process! “

Mihai Pasca

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